Commerce has always been personal.

Small businesses prove time and again their 1-on-1 relationships with customers drive new and repeat sales. Our mission is to create bulletproof relationships between you and your customers.

Suite of apps

All of our apps do different things but they share the theme of 1-to-1 customer relationships. They are designed to make you look helpful, knowledgable, and prepared so your customers trust you with their business.

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Our small business economy deserves one-on-one conversations between merchants and buyers. It’s the way business was done thousands of years ago, and we believe it will continue to be the way for business in the future.

- Ahmad Iqbal, founder, HMS Commerce

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Here is what our merchants have to say

More efficient at recovering abandoned carts than email!

At Haciendola we work a lot with entrepreneurs and clients that are looking for new tools for digital marketing; and every store that comes into our agency leaves with HMS Commerce apps installed. Its simple and has proved to be more efficient at recovering abandoned carts than email! Good job, guys.

- Alfredo Garcia


It's the best way we build trust quickly

I sell bridal accessories. And brides have questions about our products before they buy. Like availability, design nuances, rush deliveries, the list goes on. Wedding is a big day in a bride's life and she wants everything perfect. And the best way to do this is through the one-on-one conversations.

- Brittany Finkle

Happily Every Borrowed

More conversations always lead to more sales

We published our apps only after we saw how much impact their actions were having on our own store. At Nadeef Bidets we really started focusing on talking to interested customers and it changed our business. It was strange to us that all the content online was focused on automation, but sometimes you need to do things yourself to learn more and get better feedback.

- Ahmad Iqbal

Nadeef Bidets

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