We help fashion retailers with their ecommerce sales and marketing. Scout is a favourite to recover high value checkouts.

John Dykes, 


The Lacuna Collection

This app connects me with my most important customers (and potential customers) 1-on-1. Saving so many sales!

John Dykes, 


Green Glass

40% abandoned checkout recovery with this. Love it!! I love knowing when someone is abandoning their cart.

John Dykes, 


Treats Happen

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Scout helps MojoMotorSport address customers queries and close sales in an instant.

  • 217% More Checkout Recoveries with Phone Calls
  • $64,875 Abandoned Revenue Recovered
  • 865 Phone Leads Generated
  • 50%+ Abandoned Checkout Recovery Rate

Scout tells you who you should call when you need to call them

Talking to the right customer at the right time, with the right message will earn you more revenue and build greater trust for your brand.

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Conversation rates on my phone calls are amazing!

"Awesome app to help me close more sales. For my type of product customers love the 1 on 1 conversation before making their purchase. When we're able to call them back right away it earns that trust for my brand and customers are already interested in buying."

Scott Tolinski

, CEO 

Venom Motor Sports

Messenger, Slack and Email alerts

Scout can message you on either your Facebook Messenger, your team's Slack, or email. This way you never miss an important alert.

Abandoned checkouts

As soon as a customer abandons their checkout in your store, Scout will alert you with suggested actions. Real 1-on-1 conversations have been proven to recover more sales. In many cases, over 50%.

VIP customers

Bulletproof relationships with your biggest spenders will carry you to new heights. Every business has VIP customers, who are yours? Scout will alert you the minute a customer turns VIP.

Repeat customers

Why is it important to know when a customer repurchases? Because returning customers are more likely to spend more, and refer friends. Personalized thank you will help to retain them.

Follow ups and win-backs

All products either finish or need replacing. Vitamins, car parts, even furniture. Tell Scout how long your products should last, and it will remind you to follow up. Never lose another customer again.

New customers

Every morning Scout will send you a 1st time buyer list. With one-tap, get on the phone, introduce yourself, and help customers get started. The sooner they see your value, the more likely they become VIP customers.

Here is what our merchants have to say

Real-time abandoned checkout recovery

Scout is a great app for getting direct feedback in real-time about customers who have left their cart. Instead of finding out hours or days later, Scout allows you to contact the customer just as they move from the page. It's been crucial for us in recovering abandoned checkouts.

I really like knowing when someone is abandoning their cart

It's so easy to close sales over the phone when you know the customer on the other end is seriously interested. I can't say enough good things about Scout - I tell everyone I meet who also runs an online store to use it!

Lucas Walker

Treats Happen

Scout has been critical to our Abandoned Cart Sequence

Our abandoned cart emails recover on average of 15% of lost sales while with Scout we are now recovering 50% off sales! This has been huge. The one-on-one follow up with customers helps build trust in our brand & adds to the bottom line.

Nathan Burt

Mojo Motorsport

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Scout automatically contact customers for me?
No, Scout does not automatically send messages to your customers, abandoned or otherwise. Scout's job is to simply alert you and give you easy 1-tap options to take action. This is because Scout knows the best way to ensure high conversion rates is through 1-on-1 conversations with your audience. Think of Scout like a sales assistant or secretary that tells you when you should put on your "sales hat" and talk to certain customers.
Should I require, hide, or make optional the phone number in my checkout?
Ah! Good question. We highly recommend making the phone number field required, but at the very least optional. Many merchants will think it creates a barrier and makes checkout longer and harder, but the truth is, it has never been proven. Additionally, the benefits of having a complete customer profile outweighs any suggested negatives.
Does calling abandoned checkouts really work?
Our co-founder started off as an ecommerce merchant and after months of trying to increase his order recoveries and decrease abandons decided to just pick up the phone and make calls. Without trying to make sales, he was just looking for feedback from potential customers. From that he discovered the 1-on-1 conversation was resulting in not only sales, but up-sells, and feedback to improve overall conversion rates.
I see a higher “Added to Carts” number than Scout alerts. Is Scout broken?
No it’s not. Scout can only distinguish an abandoned checkout when your visitor fills out their personal details. If they just clicked “add to cart” but never actually initiated the checkout process, Scout won’t know who they are (that would be creepy). Plus, Scout knows that your best leads are those who have at least initiated the checkout process and have entered their customer details.
I'm getting too many alerts...
That's an easy problem to fix. If you have a store with lots of orders, customers and/or abandoned checkouts it can get overwhelming trying to keep up. We've made it easy for you to edit your "Settings" and to either disable certain alerts that aren't relevant, or to increase the minimum thresholds so you only see the highest value alerts. For example, if you set the Abandoned Checkout alert to $100, then you will only see alerts on customers who abandon $100 or more.

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