List of apps

All of our apps do different things but they share the theme of 1-to-1 customer relationships. They are designed to make you look helpful, knowledgable, and prepared so your customers trust you with their business.

Scout CRM

Your store's automated personal assistant with actionable alerts.


  • Abandoned checkouts
  • VIP customers
  • Returning buyers
  • Follow-ups and win-backs
  • New customers

Callback Request

Turn interested visitors into qualified sales calls.


  • Collect more leads
  • Embed and customize anywhere
  • Instant actionable alerts
  • Track conversions and "revenue per request"
  • Phone sales without advertising your number
  • Callback scheduling

Pizza Party

Send Pizzas to your best customers!


  • Configure LTV Filters
  • Customer Confirmations
  • Sharing with Friends
  • Delightful Moments
  • Immediate Delivery
  • Maximum USA Delivery Zones